The calendar year maximum is the total amount the Fund pays in benefits in a calendar year. Once you reach the calendar year maximum, you pay the full cost of covered services.

Coinsurance is the percentage of the cost of the service. The amount of coinsurance depends on the type of service you are getting. When you pay coinsurance, you split the cost with the Fund. You pay a percentage of the cost while the Fund pays the rest.

The deductible is a fixed dollar amount. You pay the cost of a service out of your own pocket until you reach the deductible. After reaching the deductible, you pay coinsurance.

The lifetime maximum is a separate $2,500 orthodontic lifetime maximum that is not included in the $1,800 Calendar Year Maximum for dental benefits.

Non-participating providers are providers that are not part of a network, such as Delta Dental’s PPO network. Non-participating providers may charge more for services. You may then pay a percentage of this more expensive rate.

Participating providers (those in the Delta Dental PPO and Premiere networks) charge a “negotiated rate.” This means they charge less for Fund members. You then pay a percentage of this negotiated, or less expensive, rate.