The Cambridge Public Employees Dental and Vision Fund is pleased to announce an improvement to our policy to extend coverage to eligible dependent children until age 26 on their parent’s dental and vision coverage effective July 1, 2021.  Previously, dependent children ages 19 through 25 had to be full-time students to qualify for coverage. 

Under the new policy, dependent children whose coverage ended, or who were denied coverage because the availability of dependent coverage for children ended before attainment of age 26, are eligible to enroll back on the members coverage. To enroll any qualifying dependent children a completed Dependent Children Enrollment Application (age 19 – under 26) must be submitted to the Fund Office. 

Additional Details Regarding Dependent Coverage Policy:

  • For any dependent children to be eligible under the new policy they must be unmarried, financial dependent on the covered member for support; and claimed as a dependent on their parents’ federal tax returns – has no additional coverage.
  • For any dependent children that were due to age off in June 2021 – a completed Dependent Children Enrollment Application (age 19 to under 26) must be submitted to continue coverage uninterrupted – under 26 coverage ends on a child’s 26th birthday.
  • For any dependent children under the age of 26 that is currently on COBRA due to no longer being a full-time student/eligible – will be eligible to enroll back onto their covered parent’s coverage effective July 1, 2021 – coverage ends on a child’s 26th birthday.  Please note that June COBRA premium must be paid first to continue.
  • Coverage may extend beyond the age of 26 only if your child is totally disabled and incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of mental or physical handicap and is dependent upon your support; and is claimed on your federal tax returns. A disabled dependent application form must be completed and filled-out by a physician.

If you have any questions concerning your benefits, please do not hesitate to contact the Fund Office at 617-354-1110 or by email at

Thank you.


Cambridge Public Employees Dental & Vision Fund